Let The Wind Kiss Your Face…



Dear Readers,

We had a very windy day yesterday.


And we were by the ocean which made it even worse.

But I have to say, I loved it. A cold experience… and yet… very soothing for the soul.

It’s probably the worst type of weather for a hairless dog though (even with clothes on) and Spooky hated it. I had to give up my own jacket just to keep the poor creature warm.

It also helped that he had someone to cuddle up next to. This is Martin. I’m lucky to have a friend who adores Spooky almost as much as me and doesn’t mind the clinginess at all.


The ocean is so vast – every time I come out here, it blows my mind.


Sometimes you get lucky and find something cool, like this starfish… a rare sight on these parts. Especially one so big. In my 37 years on this planet, I’ve never seen one of this size that wasn’t in captivity. Unfortunately, it was dead – or I would have thrown it back out to sea.


I know you’re all probably sick of nature photos but I can’t help it, that’s how I roll.



My Experience With Tails.com…



Dear Readers,

Last month I switched Spooky’s food to a new brand that offers both dry food and wet food.

I used to feed him Royal Canin and although I’ve had no problems with this brand, I don’t think Spooky ever found it very exciting and he’s at the stage now where he is gonna need more and more wet food since he doesn’t have a lot of teeth left, which is a common breed problem. The more hairless they are, the worse teeth quality they have.

I saw an ad on Facebook with an offer that was too good to refuse, especially since I had been thinking about making that switch for a while. And boy, I am glad I did.



I’ve never seen such a reaction to any of his other foods, only with treats.


This brand is pretty cheap too and they tailor everything to your dog specifically. You have to add your dog’s name, breed, age, gender, weight, fitness level, allergies, treat consumption, fixed/not fixed – all that jazz. And then they tell you how much it will need on a daily basis and provides you a diet plan. Delivery is really fast and reliable too, their customer service is excellent and their communication/offers transparent and trustworthy.

I honestly can’t praise them enough.



Allergies or Screen Fatigue?



Dear Readers,

I was having some kind of either allergic reaction or just screen fatigue yesterday.

My eyes burned and watered and they were sensitive to light. Especially the left one. It was insane. There was nothing in it. But I don’t really buy the allergy explanation either.

1. I’ve never had allergies in my life.
2. Pollen was low to moderate yesterday.
3. I didn’t react at all to it when outside.
4. I don’t think it can hit that suddenly.

Besides, it got better as soon as I closed the computer. Which is strange because I’ve always spent a lot of time on the computer (we’re talking every day for decades) and I’ve never had any side effects from it. I am used to it… so this is all just very abnormal for me.

Especially since I’ve had LASIK eye surgery and my vision is usually perfection.

Maybe my eyes are just getting too ancient to sit this long in front of a screen?

Am I really getting that old?


In any case, it can’t hurt to get some screen glasses to filter out the blue light. Regardless of this really being the cause or not, I do spend an awful lot of time in front of screens; if not my computer, then the phone, so it can’t hurt. I ordered some basic cheap black ones.


Let’s see if this helps.



Just Keep Swimming…



Dear Readers,

We’ve been having heatwaves in Denmark lately. The temperature has been perfect for a quick swim and what better time to try out my new and very fancy wetsuit?

Mind you, when I say heatwave, it’s probably not what you think. This is Scandinavia, so take “heatwave” with a grain of salt. It’s hot for us. Probably not for most other people.

This is the 2XU P:2 Propel Women’s Wetsuit in black/green. Winner of the 2018 Triathlete Magazine Buyer’s Guide ‘Best In Class’ when it comes to wetsuits – and retails for £380 or £247 if you’re lucky to get it on sale. That is 3.124 DKK, 472 USD, or 419 EUR.

Garment Features

To reduce resistance when taking the suit on and off and to alleviate water resistance

For fluid movement

For extreme ultra enhanced distance per stroke

For maximum buoyancy with a 5mm neoprene thickness

With seam overlap technology

For enhanced lateral flexibility

For increased movement for better distance per stroke

For increased core buoyancy and improved body position in the water

The most buoyant neoprene available with a thickness varying from 1mm to 5mm

Applied as a layer over the surface of the neoprene, creating a very unique material. The micelle structure on the rubber surface repels water when in contact with air and reduces the surface resistance when in contact with water. Low resistance allows for faster speed through the water. As a result, SCS provides comfort, extra freedom of movement, keeps the body warmer decreasing body fatigue whilst ensuring durability and abrasion resistance.

 You can buy it here from a UK store.


It is admittedly expensive and a luxury item. Definitely not a “need to have” for recreational purposes. I know this, but… I saw it, I fell in love with it, it’s “my” colors and it makes me look goddamn amazing (if I do say so myself), I feel like an Avengers superhero in this.

The buoyancy of it is astounding. Like… seriously, it will not let me sink.  And I tried valiantly. Drowning in this thing while you’re still conscious doesn’t seem possible. Also, it kept me hot and comfortable. I noticed no real difference in my body temperature out of the ocean or in the water. All the while, everyone around me was freezing their asses off when they came up from a dip – shivering like leaves, I tell ya. I actually felt really sorry for them.

Now, here’s the thing, I am the biggest whiner when it comes to the cold so I was like; “What is going on here? Why am I the only one (for once in my life) not dying from exposure?”

There is only one answer, it’s the wetsuit. Suddenly it makes sense why it’s so hard to get in and out of; it’s like a second skin keeping you totally insulated. I am pretty sure I could have stayed in the water for hours on end and never felt the freeze. It blows my mind.


I can see myself using this for multiple purposes all of a sudden… for kayaking and obstacle races like Toughest and Copenhagen Warrior where you are in and out of the water a lot.


Definitely, money well spent.



It Was a Walk in the Park, Literally…



Dear Readers,

Yesterday I went on a road trip with my friend as we usually do, especially on the weekends. This time we came across some very lovely Poppy fields that I just had to document.

We drive around the country trying to find the best and most secluded nature spots. Which is getting harder and harder with the Corona pandemic forcing people that are not usually nature enthusiasts outside because they’re just plain bored. We’ve been doing this for 4 years at least and I’ve honestly never seen this many people out and about before.

It’s both a blessing and a curse.


Of course, I’m happy so many Danes are finally waking up to the fact that nature can be fun, but good grief, it’s annoying when all the best places are swarming with people. Especially with the crowd restrictions still in effect. Often, we’ve been forced to just drive on. We simply wouldn’t be able to get out of the car if we wanted to stick to the social distancing rules – which many others seem to just flaunt. To our great frustration.

But what can you do? You can lead the people to water but you can’t make them drink.

Anyway, we also found this gorgeous park on Lolland-Falster called Cortelitze Have.




I went nuts with my camera. How could I not? I want to share these hidden gems of my country that even I have never heard about even though I’ve lived here my whole life.


I love how this country is so small and just when you think you’ve been everywhere and seen everything there is to see, you can still find something new and amazing.

Spooky has a thing for rolling on the grass. The crazy dog was having the time of his life.

After a long day, we even had the time to stop by the sea on our way back. Which… let’s face it… we always have the time because we’re Islanders, the ocean is never far away.

And thank goodness for that.

It was a bit rocky down by the water so Spooky wasn’t the biggest fan.

I can’t say I’ve ever found a beach I didn’t like though. Smooth sand or rocky shores… calm water or wild waves, I don’t care. I’m taking my shoes off and getting into the feel of things.

I need to sense the world around me, ya know?

Otherwise, I have a tendency to quickly feel dead inside – or like I’m out of touch with everything around me and that’s a sure way to depression if you allow that to continue for too long. I won’t go back to that dark place ever again, I refuse.


In nature, I found my sanctuary and my sanity, and that will never change.



An Evening on the Beach…



Dear Readers,

Have you ever stepped foot on a beach and felt the most exquisite tranquility?


That is how the ocean makes me feel; my feet in the sand, the sound of the waves, the smell of the salt, the sea breeze in my face. There’s nothing quite like it.


I always take Spooky with me and he loves it as much as I do. Then we just… walk.


For hours…. turning off that pesky human brain that is so hard to shut down sometimes.


Nature can be more therapeutic than a therapist. I often think that people just don’t get out enough. That they would feel better if they got back in touch with the natural world.


And spent less time staring into a screen.

Also… just call me the sheep whisperer. That was a total Snow White moment.

It’s official… I’m a Disney Princess.




The Fabulous Flower Field…



Dear Readers,

I paid a visit to the “famous” Lupine Flower Field since we were in the neighborhood anyway.


The flowers attracted national news attention and it’s clear to see why.


Being surrounded by all of this beauty, I almost don’t have words.


I mean, how to describe it?

Absolutely gorgeous doesn’t seem adequate.


I felt truly blessed to experience it.



I Have a Walk-In Closet!!!



Dear Readers,

Okay, so this is kinda related to yesterday’s blog where I talked about having an interior design epiphany in regards to living rooms. The link to that is below or to your right.

After sleeping on it, I have indeed decided to move my primary stuff into the “living room.” And that left my old bedroom open for all sorts of fun possibilities. I went for it.

Seven long hard hours later and I’ve turned it into a walk-in closet.

Granted, it’s nothing fancy… but it’s mine and that’s all that matters.



It only took me about a decade to do even though I’ve wanted one since always. And soon I’ll probably move and then I am gonna have to start over but I don’t care… I love it and I am done procrastinating my dreams. Life is too damn short to wait. I could have died yesterday… without ever having had a walk-in closet… now, that’s just the saddest thought ever, lol.

And besides, even if I moved tomorrow it wouldn’t have been for nothing because I got rid of 5 trash bags today, so at least I got a headstart on decluttering; work I would have to do anyway before packing up my stuff and moving. I’m not looking particularly forward to that part of it… it’s such tedious work. Really makes me wanna go the minimalist lifestyle route. Those people always seem so… happy. I’m telling ya, they’re onto something.

I’m not gonna say this was an easy task, it wasn’t. I had to make do with what I already had laying around, it was a struggle to tear the old bedframe apart and I did break a few things in the process. As I’ve said, I’m definitely not a handywoman and it took me way too long to figure out how to use the drill thingy I have laying around. Jeeez, that tool is complicated.

Thank goodness for Youtube tutorials. They are a lifesaver, I swear.

Anyway, maybe you’re wondering what happened to the bed.



See… now, if I have visitors, we just pretend this is a big lounge sofa and not my bed and everything is fine. Spooky loves it and I have to admit that it is kinda brilliant.

Maybe I should start on that painting studio next? I just… it’s a very overwhelming undertaking because during the ten years or so that I’ve lived here… I’ve kinda turned that spare room into a “hoarder” room. It’s filled with crap. Mountains of stuff. Don’t judge me. It just, you know… happens… over time. You put one thing in there and you think it’s just gonna be that one thing…. spoiler alert here; it’s never just that one thing. Sigh.

How do I end up in these situations? I can’t even remember what’s in there and now I have to sort it all out sooner or later. I do make life harder than it needs to be sometimes.

In any case, I need sleep, I’m tired and my back is sore from struggling with furniture.




I’ve had an Interior Design Epiphany…



Dear Readers,

Two updates in a day? I know. What’s going on?  Here’s the tea.

I’ve been looking to move for ages. From an apartment to a house.  And I’ve looked at a lot of houses. I really have. I’ve found one I feel could be just right and a few I could compromise on if need be. But it is not a decision to rush. And I am not really in a hurry either.

The thing is… the more I look, the more I wonder; there’s this thing called a living room. I’m sure you are all familiar with the standard concept; couch on one side, chair on the other, a table in the middle, all facing the same wall. Yadda yadda yadda. Yawn.

I look at pictures of houses, one after the other and there it is. In every single house. And then it hit me. Why is it there? Seriously, WHY IS IT HERE!? Why do I actually have a living room? Do I really need a living room? Why did I make one when I moved here about a decade ago? Because that was the thing to do. That is what everyone does.

But just think about it. What is a living room built up around? A TV. People watch TV in a living room. What do I not watch? TV. The only thing I use my TV for is a DVD fireplace.

Living rooms are also made for entertaining guests. What do I pretty much never have?


So why the hell do I have a living room when I don’t do any living in it?



I was thinking about this earlier when I passed through the room… this room I worked so hard on designing with my forest wallpaper – a room I almost never use.

And what about the dining table. I rarely ever eat at it. It is yet another thing I don’t actually use for its intended purpose because I live alone and never cook – and just got because my mom told me to – accepting the idea that there’s only one way of doing things.

I just followed society’s conventional decorating plan when I am anything but conventional.

It just hit me how absolutely STUPID it is. I swear, it might be one of the DUMBEST THINGS I have ever done in my life – and that’s saying something. It’s such an idiotic waste of space that I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me sooner. I mean, how daft can you be?

Here I am bitching about not having room for a painting studio or hobby room when it’s been there all along. I have so much space that is WASTED. And also so much stuff I DON’T NEED. Like my DVD collection. I pretty much never watch them. The few times I do watch anything entertainment-wise, I stream it on my computer and that happens more and more rarely. I honestly think I am over the concept of movies. I haven’t seen most of what’s come out in the last 20 years. I am so behind on everything and I don’t even care.

I mean, sure… I have a couple of favorite actors whose work I’ll always watch just because I’m loyal as a fan. And I also have a few favorite shows and standard favorite movies that I will follow or revisit or use to make fan videos with from time to time. But that’s really about it. Besides that… looking into the “dummy box,” as I call it doesn’t hold much of an appeal for me at this point. Suddenly, I am more interested in being in the real world and that’s weird.

Me not needing that “escape” anymore – maybe it’s a sign that I am finally at peace with myself and my life and ready to face it right on – instead of hiding from it?

The thing is, I don’t know if it’s worth doing anything about changing the living room now when I am on the verge of moving. There are three things I do know for sure though;

1. I have to downsize and get rid of my unnecessary stuff.

2. Not everyone needs a living room in their own home.


3. I am sure as hell gonna decorate my next place with that in mind.




Midsummer Celebrations…



Dear Readers,

I’m getting quite good at regular updates, aren’t I?

Yesterday was the yearly midsummer celebration in Denmark. Also called Sankt Hans. It’s to celebrate the summer solstice and I believe it’s a tradition that goes back ages.


In my family it means getting together, eating good food – and I always dress up for it.


And since I can’t stop photographing everything, here are a few shots from the day.




I took Spooky for a walk around the beach area.

After I updated my phone the camera has this cool effect where it adds music to videos, makes still pictures into gifs, and other really neat stuff. Of course, I had to try it.

When the sun begins to go down around 9.30 pm, we gather on the beaches around the country to light the many bonfires people start making weeks in advance.


This year only sis and I went because someone had to stay back and watch the small kids who were already asleep by that time. Hopefully, when they’re older everyone can join in.

I’m so grateful to have a sibling. Especially one I get along with so well. I couldn’t imagine it being just me and no offense to the parents who choose to only have one (by all means, do what’s best for you and/or your situation), but I wouldn’t want my kid (if I had one) to be an only child. Kate aka sis felt the same way which is why she’s now a mother of two. Ina and Julian will always have each other. It’s just such a special bond you develop growing up together. I’ve never found that closeness with anyone else – except, of course, my parents.

Happy Summer Solstice, everyone.